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Push Zone #21 Jasmine Thompson (English)

Push Zone
#21 Jasmine Thompson

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Jasmine Ying Thompson is a singer-songwriter of Chinese and British descent born in London, Britain. Thompson became well-known with her YouTube channel, which has over 1,700,000 subscribers and over 215 million views. Her acoustic cover of Chaka Khan's "Ain't Nobody" made number 32 on the UK Singles Chart after being featured in an advert for supermarket chain Sainsbury's for their by Sainsbury's range. The song was remixed by German DJ Felix Jaehn in 2015, and became a huge hit around Europe, peaking at number 2 in the UK, and charting in several other countries and with millions of views online. Her voice has been often described as "incandescent" and "eerie".

A word from Jasmine Thompson to Coldplay fans!

Hi Jasmine, thank you for accepting this interview with us.

- Firstly, can you present yourself?
Hey Guys, thank you so much for having me. I’m Jasmine Thompson and I’m a singer from London.Jasmine Thompson 1 - Tell us about your beginning in music. What instrument(s) are you playing? How and when did you start singing?
I got into music when I was about 8 years old. I used to annoy my brother during his singing lessons, so my mum got me my own. I’ve also been playing piano and some guitar for a while, but I would really like to learn to play bass.

- You’re posting a lot of covers on your YouTube channel, how do you select the songs you’re going to cover?
Basically, I sing songs I like. I only cover a song if I connect with it. It’s never about trying to be better than the original, I like showing a different way to sing a song.

Robin Schulz


- Let’s talk about your career; you’ve become famous thanks to your collaboration with the German producer and Dj Robin Schulz. How come that you’ve collaborated with him? Can you talk about your first meeting with him?
We were introduced through our record label. Robin sent me the instrumental for Sun Goes Down and I fell in love with it. I recorded the vocal and he loved it – so we released it. He’s been so supportive during some of my first big shows singing in this style – the first time I met him was to sing Sun Goes Down on TV!

- We all have heard the track ‘Sun Goes Down’ you did with Schulz as it was a summer hit in 2014. How did you deal with the sudden fame this young?
I was so happy that people responded so well to the song. I’m really lucky to have an amazing team around me that let me just be a normal teenager when I’m not performing. My mum travels with me everywhere, so it’s just like home on the road.

- You’ve also collaborated with Felix Jaehn on the track ‘Ain’t nobody’, also a summer hit this year, how did you meet?
Well, Felix came across my cover of Ain't Nobody on my channel a little over a year ago. Basically, he liked it, got in touch and then remixed it. We became really good friends – but only ever spoke on skype or texted. We didn't meet face to face until a year later when we went to Barcelona to shoot the music video! Now we try to meet up pretty regularly.

- Being on stage must have been an important experience for you, can you talk about your feeling of being on stage.
Being on stage is the most incredible feeling. I was so used to having to read through comments on YouTube to see what people think about my music, but it’s a whole other experience performing live. It’s the best when you can actually see people singing and dancing along to your music.Jasmine - Live- You’re an “online artist” with your social media pages as Facebook and Twitter. You share with your fans postings videos, status and photos, is it natural? Do you think it is essential to have this proximity with the fans?
I think social media is really important and in a way it feels really natural for me. A lot of my fans have watched me grow up on the internet – as a person and an artist. I love reading everyone’s comments and seeing the same followers pop up again and again.

- You’re living on London which is a multicultural city with the greatest musical presence in the world. In your opinion, is it a disadvantage, because some people could find this hard to establish themselves in the music industry with all the other artists? Or on the contrary, other people think that it is a chance to live in London with an easy access to possibilities and opportunities.
Both – London is an amazing city and I’m so lucky to be surrounded by other amazing musicians because there are so many opportunities to collaborate. It can be tough for people just starting out here, but it gets easier the more people you meet.Jasmine - Street - Be signed with Atlantic Records label to release you EP ‘Adore’ on the 18th of September has changed something for you? Can you talk about your experience of being in a recording studio for your own music?
I’m so thankful to have had the opportunity to release my own music at such an early age. It feels like a big accomplishment and it has started a lot of cool new things for me – like going on tour with a band! The team at Atlantic are so supportive and it’s been great getting to know them.

Adore EP cover

- We listened to ‘Adore’ from your first EP, it is quite good musically and lyric, whereas when we think about you we think about electro/dance. Is it your ‘real musical face’ or experimentation? Do you write the lyrics and compose?
I love lots of different genres and I’m so lucky that I get to experiment with different styles. I think the songs on my EP are a cross between my stripped back YouTube covers and the EDM tracks I’ve done with Robin and Felix. Yes, I have co-written the songs on my EP and have loved collaborating with some amazing producers.


- Do you write the lyrics and compose?
Yes, I have co-written the songs on my EP and have loved collaborating with some amazing producers.

- Who/what is inspiring you?
The things and people around me are my biggest source of inspiration. Friends and family and the places I see. I get a lot of inspiration from other peoples’ experiences – their stories really stick with me and come back to me when I’m writing a song.

- Do you have a career plan?
I just want to be a singer really – I hope I’m doing this forever.

- How do you do to reconcile your professional life and your studies?
I’m homeschooled, so I have different tutors for each subject and they give me lessons whenever I am at home. When I’m travelling, they give me assignments to complete and books to read.

- What is your project for the future, a 2nd EP, an album?
I’m currently working on my live show and going on tour with Ella Eyre. I’m also writing a lot and hope to release an album next year.

- You covered ‘Magic’ by Coldplay, how did you get the idea to cover a song of a band that has the most reluctant fans when it comes to cover their favourite band?
I really liked the song and wanted to sing it in my own way – this was before I found out Coldplay fans don’t like people covering their songs! I’m happy that I got a lot of nice comments.

- What is your ‘music crush’ of this year, do you have a song to recommend to us?
My music crush of this year would have to be Livewire. Check out their song ‘Oh Wonder.’

- According to our information you’re a Coldplay fan. How long have you been a fan? What is your favourite song?
I’ve listened to them ever since their music started getting big; I discovered them through my brother. My favorite song is ‘Fix You.’jasmine 03 - Have you ever attended a Coldplay concert?
Sadly, no. But I have seen lots of videos of them performing live and it looks incredible.

- Finally thank you very much for taking the time to talk to us and tell us your story. We are happy to have you among our numerous interviews and in our project of presenting new artists to the French speaking Coldplay fans.
Thanks for talking to me!!


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