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Push Zone #7 Soul Nidus (English)

Push Zone
#7 Soul Nidus

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An indie acoustic rock band, hailing from Canada, SOUL NIDUS have already enjoyed airplay in the UK on BBC stations as well as Kerrang! Radio, were subjected to a live on-air review by Noel Gallagher, and have also found their self-directed video for Clown on Strike, a song from their new album, showcased on COLDPLAY.COM :
Reminiscent of an early Coldplay, add a powerful vocal injection à la Kings of Leon via the up to date and catchy acoustic style of Mumford and Sons and there you have Soul Nidus.
Fall of 2010 saw the band’s debut in the UK as SOUL NIDUS hand delivered their new album - LOOKING BACK FACING FORWARD - to The UK. In Summer of 2011, they took LOOKING BACK FACING FORWARD to Italy before bringing it home to their Toronto fans.
LOOKING BACK FACING FORWARD, which was recorded in Ontario and mastered at England's famed Abbey Road Studios, is produced by Ehsan and Salman Ashrafi with the help of producer Graham Brewer. LBFF was digitally released on 10/10/10 and is available on iTunes.
Undoubtedly the best way to discover Soul Nidus is to take a listen for yourself, so go ahead, don't be shy!
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Acoustic version of the song "Song Of Hope" specially prepared for ColdplayCorner community!

- Hello Soul Nidus and thank you for having accepted to do this interview with us. How are you?
Ehsan: Hello Coldplay Corner! We’re feeling great.
Salman: Hello Coldplay Corner! Thanks very much for having us. We are fantastic. We just reached the 10,000 friends mark on SOULNIDUS’ Facebook page so we’re VERY happy!
- Where does the name 'Soul Nidus' come from? Did you have other options?
Ehsan: Well, when I came up with the name, I had no intentions of starting a band. I had written a few songs for myself and I was trying to avoid using my own name. I also knew I wanted the name to have the word SOUL in it, and then came along SOUL NIDUS. Can’t quiet remember but I don’t think we had any other name in mind. I just loved the way it sounded. /sōlnīdəs/
- You are an independant band, you have never been signed to a label. Why this risky choice?
Ehsan: Like any other band, in the beginning we were trying to get a record deal but as we went further and further, we got used to being %100 in charge. The creative control we have over our work is something we cherish very much. Of course, there are advantages that come with being somehow attached to a label and we’re not against it, but we’re not going to wait for it to happen.
- Is the fact that you are from Toronto an advantage?
Salman: Toronto is a great place for bands, but in today’s age of the internet it doesn’t really matter where you come from. It’s more about where you want to go. We receive messages from a lot of lovely people in places we’ve never been or even heard of. I guess it’s the beauty of the times we live in.
- How are the writing sessions of the songs taking place? Who is writing the songs?
Salman: Ehsan usually writes the structure of the songs and the lyrics. Then I write my melodies and we keep playing them until they grow and are ready to be sent into the world.
262283 10150318479829187 7296641 n- Where are the subjects of your songs from ?
Ehsan: We draw inspiration from everyday life. We haven’t really figured out where the songs come from to be honest. I personally believe they find us rather than us writing them.
- What are you main influences?
Salman: We listen to a lot of stuff and are open to most genres. It helps a lot with writing.
soulniduscd300- Let's talk about your album 'Looking Back Facing Forward', why this name ?
Ehsan: The album celebrates the extreme opposites in life. In any given day you may go from being happy to being sad, or from feeling confident to feeling completely powerless or vice versa. The songs we have on the record are about these ups and downs. We have a song like CIGARETTES AND BUTTERFLIES which is about yearning for someone and then we have I CAN ONLY SING FOR YOU which is the celebration of that connection. We were looking for a name that would carry the same message and LOOKING BACK FACING FORWARD seemed to do that.

- What was your approach for this album ?
Ehsan: Starting fresh and trying new things.
- While listening to the album, what elements the listeners must be aware of ?
Ehsan: We have always been a lyrics focused band. We don’t take any piece of music for granted. It is a big deal for us when we come up with a piece of music, and believe good music should not be wasted on non-sense lyrics. Which is why we always make sure our lyrics carry some substance.
- It carries a pop-rock sound of another time, a sound that we don't really find in the other new bands and which is thought of as a musical maturity. How did you get this capacity even though you are young ?
Salman: We’re very glad that you have picked this up from our music. That’s a big compliment. We try to get better and better every day, both as songwriters and as musicians. We are aware that we have a long way to go, and a LOT to cover, but that doesn’t scare us.
7125 169889194186 8354393 n- Doing sessions on prestigious radios as BBC and KARRANG must have been exciting, can you explain us what you felt ?
Ehsan: It was definitely exciting, especially because it was our first time in the UK as a band.
Salman: England has always been very kind to us.
- You are two brothers; how is the cohabitation and how are you dealing with it ?
Ehsan: We have managed to keep the brotherhood apart from being band-mates. Of course there are disagreements and discussions but we always manage to find a common ground.
Salman: Like any other band however, every once in a while we need to spend some time apart from each other and in separate continents! haha
- As a first album it is pretty successful on a technical point of view; tell us about the different steps in the creation of the album?
Ehsan: Although LOOKING BACK FACING FORWARD was technically our 2nd official album, we always look at it as our first. Right before recording, we decided to completely reinvent SOULNIDUS. We decided to think of ourselves as a new band and treat this album as our first. We changed our approach towards everything including the recording process. We did a lot of experimenting.
Salman: Ehsan writes songs throughout the year, so when it comes time to record, he doesn’t necessarily feel the same way he did when he wrote the song. He decided that in order for these songs to have the same energy (as the demos), he was going to recreate those situations and only start recording when he is in the same state of mind, and it worked! We were also very lucky to work with awesome people such as our producer Graham Brewer and Geoff Pesche who mastered our album at the Abbey Road.
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- Any project for the future? A new album maybe?
Salman: We are actually in the writing process for an EP. We tested the new songs at our recent Toronto concert and got a great response.
- What was your best concert as a band and then as a member of the audience?
Salman: As a band, we had a lot of fun at our recent one-off concert in Toronto (Aug 16th). It was a lot of fun and we were lucky to play our songs with a 12 piece band.
Ehsan: I agree with Salman, and as a member of the audience, we recently saw Mumford and Sons live for the first time and they were fantastic.
- In your opinion, what is the best festival in which you would like to play?
Salman: I think each festival has its own attractions. They all have their unique characteristics.
Ehsan: Summer festivals are definitely our favorites.
- Let's talk about Coldplay now have you ever been to a Coldplay concert? Can you tell us what is your favorite song by them?
Salman: We have been to several actually. We have a few favorites, but “Talk” has a special meaning for us.
- Did you know ColdplayCorner before? Do you know that you were our 'Band of the month' on September 2011?
Ehsan: We were actually aware! You have always been very nice to us and we’re very honored to be introduced to your friends.
- What do you think about our ' Push Zone' project whom you are the subject with this interview?
Ehsan: It’s a brilliant idea. The fact that you guys are going above and beyond to introduce your friends to new bands shows your passion for music and speaks of how serious you are about what you do.



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