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Push Zone #4 Thomas Azier (English)

Push Zone
#4 Thomas Azier

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Thomas Azier is an electronic-pop artist based in Berlin. Early in 2012 he released his debut EP “Hylas 001” featuring the single "Red Eyes", a live favorite of audiences across Europe and the United States. The follow-up EP “Hylas 002“ was released in October 2012 and again appeared on his label “Hylas Records/BMG”.
TA Pics Hylas002 Press1bTo begin with, hello and thank you for having accepted to do this interview with us.
Firstly, can you present yourself, who are you ?
I'm Thomas Azier, born in the year 1987 in Holland. I'm a singer, play various instruments and I write and produce and perform all my music myself. Apart from that I like to write for other artists and/or help them out during their recording processes.
-Tell us about your debuts, when and how did you find yoursefl writing and composing music ?
I started writing music since I was very small since I had to play all these classical pieces on the piano. I loved it but after the first phrases I started to improvise on the themes and make my own music out of it. It was more an escape from my every day life, since I lived in a small town on the countryside and there was not much else to do.
-You sing in a very special way, as some great lyric singers like 'Anthony&Johnson' ; where is this special melancholy from ?
For me making music is about communicating. Just like people back in the days used music as a way to communicate. When I started to experiment with my voice in Berlin I found my voice to be more flexible then i thought. It could imitate all the basic emotions and I especially liked a way of singing where it was almost like wailing or crying. I was playing a bit around with this and that's how I got to my sound.
-On a technical point of view, your songs are very well produced, as if everything was already into the right place before entering the studio. Have you been helped ? Are you producing your music by yourself ?
That's a real big compliment when you think of the times where everybody said I should find a producer. I always felt a bit insulted because that meant that my own productions weren't good enough. In the end I was stubborn and after working with several (great) producers, I decided to do it myself. Usually the songs start on my computer so just like many songs these days, songwriting and production/mixing go hand in hand. So yes I do it myself.
-You are Dutch and you leaved your country to start living in Berlin at a young age, why this choice ?
I needed room to experiment, berlin is very cheap and therefor I could spend lots of time in my room writing, reading, basically learning everything I wanted to learn.
-Now tell us about your influences, which artists or bands inspire you ?
I love good songs, and big hooks. But I get inspired by other things...
-Where are the subjects of your lyrics from ? What is your best inspiration for writing ?
The city, architecture, change and trying to deal with change in your every day life, mythology, relationships and dreams.
thomas-azier-hylas-001thomas-azier-hylas-002-We also heard about a « Hylas 003 », any confirmation ?
Yes it's coming! My debut album. I'm really excited. A lot of new tracks, coming soon! New single is called ghostcity and it's out already since 2 weeks!


-We also heard about a « Hylas 003 », any confirmation ?
Yes it's coming! My debut album. I'm really excited. A lot of new tracks, coming soon! New single is called ghostcity and it's out already since 2 weeks!
-Do you have any project for the future ? A tour maybe ?
Yes it's coming, now a lot of loose dates but I hope a world tour of course when the album is out
TA Pics Hylas002 Press2b-Let's talk about Coldplay now, have you ever been to one of their shows ? Can you tell us what is your favorite Coldplay song ?
A rush of blood to the head is my favorite song actually. When I heard the first two coldplay records I was hooked as a teenager. Sublime songwriting.
-What do you think of our 'Push Zone' project, whose you're the subject with this interview ?
Great, thanks so much for interviewing me, and happy to hear you like my music! <3
Finally, thank you so much for having taken the time to talk to us and tell us your story. I was very pleased to ask you these few questions. On behalf of the entire team, I wish you a lot of success and a long and great career. We are glad to count you in our numerous interviews to introduce new bands to the french speaking Coldplay fans.

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