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Push Zone #17 Emma Louise (English)

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Being brave is often quite hard for a musician. We are expecting so much from them that it's sometimes easier to choose facility - but this is not the case with Emma Louise, a singer from Brisbane. After just a few - successful - years in the light, Emma Louise took the reigns of her destiny and never stops improving herself.
1Hi Emma, and thank you for accepting to do this interview with us.
-First, can you present yourself?
Well, my name is Emma Louise, I am a songwriter. I started writing songs when I was like 12. And I kind of busked on the street for money before I was a recording artist and then I recorded Jungle and I’d never expected to be a professional musician.

-Emma Louise is a name sounding more French than Australian, were your parents in love with France?
No actually, my parents are very Australian and I don’t think they’ve ever been to France but I think Emma Louise definitely sounds French.

-Tell us about your debuts, when and how did you find yourself writing and composing music?
I think I was very bad at playing covers - other people songs - so then I started writing my own and kind of got addicted to it. It was a very good way to express my feelings.

-What was your first instrument?

-Your first EP sounded rather stripped down, while the album is more electro with those synth sounds and arrangements ; was this evolution a choice of yours or rather an adaptation to fit in the modern musical world ?
I think that the first EP was definitely more stripped back and acoustic and then the album was done a few years after that and I had experimented a lot with electronic sounds and I had started listening to bands like Radiohead and Bjork and stuff. So it was kind of a natural development. I’m still learning and still changing.
emma louise ep cover -Getting into the studio for that EP would have felt new to you at the time, can you talk about those recording sessions?
I experimented with a few producers before I recorded the EP so I had a bit under my belt but that was still all very new and I was learning. It was a good learning curve definitely.
Emma Louise 0-Let's talk about your first album ‘’VS Head, VS Heart’’, what is it about? Is there a particular story behind it?
I think it was a very kind of honest representation of what I was going through at the time, so I had music and love and life and head and heart. And there was just like a lot of conflicting things, like new things happening. And it was just kind of a battle between head and heart and feelings, and keeping grounded but still you know balancing with love and stuff. That’s basically what that is about.

-We listened to the album and we found it musically really interesting – there are different themes and genres, the concept and sound are changing on almost every track resulting in a wonderful mix. Were you aiming for that diversity?
I think so definitely, there was kind of a lot to cover in my first expression of being an artist, being like “what do I wanna show everyone?”. I really love that in an album, that it is more of a journey from start to finish rather than song by song.

-A year after the release of your album, do you think you achieved your goals?
I am not actually too sure, I don’t know if I really had any goals like written out. I don’t like to have any expectations of anything and I think if you don’t have expectations then you’re just pretty staunch the whole way. And I love that because I am happy with anything that happens and if it doesn’t happen well I didn’t know that it didn’t happen. And I have that with my management that don't tell me if I might have something or... you know. It's just that anything that happens is just great and I focus only on my song writing.

-Can you talk about the cover of the album? During a previous interview you said that you searched for the beauty that can result from vulnerability, can you explain that out?
Yes, being very vulnerable, very sensitive, like something that people try to hide... and I think there is a lot of beauty in vulnerability. It’s easier to relate to someone if you show your vulnerability. I don’t think there is anything weak about expressing that you’re vulnerable, you’re just expressing that you’re a human.
2- The album received a very good feedback from critics with an average of 8/10, were you surprised?
I try not to read any reviews because I get so hurt.  I can see really good ones but if there’s one little needle I'd just be like … I might as well just die (laughs). No.

-What are your biggest influences?
I think just whatever I’m listening to at the time and also just feelings.

-What is your favourite music of the year so far, do you recommend a song?
I really like Rhye and Radiohead and Coldplay a lot. I can recommend Roads by Portishead, Fix You by Coldplay, Twice by Little Dragon, Rubber and Soul by Ane Brun - isn’t that song just… a killer?

-During your career you’ve been playing on stage in big festivals like SXSW, can you tell us about these experiences and how you’ve approached it?
I like playing at festivals on stage but I don’t really like festivals at all, I don’t like being at festivals amongst the crowd. But I like playing on stage and the energy that you get of the crowd is incredible.
3-According to our information, you are a Coldplay fan, is it true?
Yes, big big big fan.

-For how long have you been a fan of Coldplay?
I didn’t grow up in a musical family but they were one of the first bands I really got into and even now they are like a very good palette, they would be like the primary colours. I can listen to an album and just feel inspiration and it’s just such simple but it’s like straight to the heart kind of song-writing. Very simple and bold and really emotional and healing, very good.

-Have you ever been to a Coldplay concert?
No. I’ve never done that but I really want to.

-Do you have any project for the future? A second album?
Yes, a second album, I am very excited to do that, I can’t wait to get into it.

-Finally, thank you so much for having taken the time to talk to us and tell us your story. We are glad to count you in our numerous interviews to introduce new bands to the French speaking Coldplay fans.

Interview réalisé par: JB Forel (ColdplayCorner Team)

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