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Push Zone #16 Rhodes (English)

Push Zone

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RHODES is a new English songwriter, he qualifies his music as “dark but uplifting cinematic pop”.
He has already released 3 EPs (which you can buy on iTunes) and is working on his debut album.
ColdplayCorner is simply taken with this artist and advises you to listen to his music! We asked him some questions to know more about RHODES :
rhodesFirst, can you tell us about you, who are you?
I'm a singer songwriter from Hertfordshire, now living in London.
- For how long have you been playing music? Your voice is a gift, how and when did you discover it?
I've been playing music since I was a young kid. There were always instruments around and luckily all of my friends were musical. Singing came a lot later for me because I had a deep fear of it growing up, it was to do with self-consciousness! I stuck with guitar whilst my best friend sung and it wasn't until a couple of years ago when I decided that I wanted to give it a go that 'RHODES' started.
- What are your biggest influences to write your music, does it come from personal experiences?
Friends, family, childhood, scenery, anxiety. Yes it's all very personal and connected to me.
- You started your own music at the beginning of 2013, and during the summer you were already supporting artists such as Laura Marling, London Grammar and Sam Smith in 2014, and even doing the BBC Big Weekend and Glastonbury.
Everything has come very fast for you, how do you feel about it? Were the audiences receptive to your music?
Looking back on everything it has grown quite fast. It’s been like a whirlwind and hasn't left me with any real time to take it all in. I'm going with the flow each day as it comes and luckily the audiences have always been very kind and receptive towards me.
- You come from a small town (Hitchin, like James Bay our previous interview), was it kind of an obligation to move to London to do your music? Has it helped you to find a label and a team to work with?
I didn't actually move to London for music, I came for the atmosphere and the buzz of the city. But I suppose I always wanted to do music so that was an underlying factor too. Being here definitely makes it more convenient when meeting labels and putting together team and it's always nice just being able to jump in a bus home after a gig.
- What is your best memory on stage? Do you always meet your audience after the shows? Do you need this relation and to have people’s opinion about your music?
I actually really loved the show you came to at Oslo, it felt like my live show really came together that night and for the first time I relaxed a bit on stage. My first big show was supporting Rufus Wainwright last year, it was only my third gig and being in front of 2000 people who all seemed to really enjoy what I was doing definitely inspired me to be ambitious and work hard. Since then I've always liked to come out and meet people and fans after the shows, it’s lovely hearing people’s stories and finding out how the music connects.
rhodes-raise-your-love-ep-2013Did you choose your EP’s covers? Are you involved with the art and the making of your music videos?
Yeah I'm involved in all of the artwork. My first EP Raise Your Love is actually a distorted photo that i took on my iPhone of the ceiling light in my bedroom. I was renting a room at my sisters flat and it only really had a mattress on the floor, a table and a wardrobe so I’d spend the whole time lying on the bed with my guitar staring up at the light writing songs. I suppose that was my view whilst I was writing the EP.
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-Home is the title of your last EP and a song as well; have you found your way now?
I'm not sure! It's hard to imagine where is home when you’re on the road so much and moving from place to place but I've definitely found my path now which is the most important thing.

- You are currently recording your debut album, has the release date been planned yet? Will it be exclusively new songs or also songs from your previous EPs?

There will be three or four songs from the EP's and the rest will all be new! It will be released next summer sometime, I'm recording it now so as soon as it’s finished we can start to think about the official release.
- Does your schedule include tour dates for the end of the year and 2015?
I’m concentrating on my album now until the end of the year, I’ll be playing the Communion Christmas Party on 7th December which is going to be a lot of fun but other than that I’ll be locked away on the Yorkshire coast recording.
- What kind of music do you like?
I love The National who are always on constant repeat! I’m listening to a lot of Talk Talk at the moment and the new Ben Howard album is absolutely insane!! Nick Cave!! My tastes are always changing but those are a few staple artists that I listen to at least once a day, vinyl is my new hobby so that is going to give me a new take on listening to new music.
- The Guardian wrote about you “he sounds like a one-man Coldplay”, do you agree with this?
No not really, although I do love Coldplay.
- Do you have a favourite Coldplay album or song? Have you ever been to one of their concerts?
Never been to a concert but Parachutes is one of my all-time favourite albums, I also love the songs Warning Sign and Fix You.
Thank you so much for having taken the time to talk to us and tell us your story. We wish you a lot of success and a long and great career. We are glad to count you in our numerous interviews to introduce new artists to the French speaking Coldplay fans.

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